Evacuation Plan

A simple set of posted instructions and a floor plan with an egress (escape) route highlighted. This is useful for Residential homes and Townhouses that don’t have fire panels, Commercial or Retail chains & tenants in a Mall or multi-tenant environment(s). This is not generally for buildings that have a fire panel since they must meet National, Provincial or State Code Requirements. Evacuation Plans are best suited to occupancies that do not have a dedicated Fire Panel for their space, are a Tenant in a Retail Mall or strip mall, a townhouse complex, Tenants in a Commercial facility, etc.

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All Plans Include:

  • A rough draft for review, discussion or changes before printing.
  • 3 binders of a complete National and Provincial fire code compliant document.
  • City fire department compliant fire safety plan document.
  • All color floor plans in either 8.5”x11" or up to 11”x17" format.
  • Laminated floor plans (8.5”x11” only) for posting on every floor, unless plexi signage is ordered.
  • Sufficient number of tenant/occupant fire safety brochures.
  • Updating of up to 1.5hrs of consulting time for the next 12-months.
  • Digital-PDF file of your completed document for your files and for any re-printing needs you may have.
  • A clear plexiglass fire safety plan box with key lock.

*Price Includes floor plans in an MS PowerPoint format. If you would like specialized AutoCAD floor plans they are easily accommodated; there is an added price.

Acrylic Professional Signage holders for posting Floor Plans are also available, pricing for additional Fire Safety Plan Boxes, 8.5” x 11” floorplan mounts and/or 11” x 17” floorplan mounts are available upon request.